Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye May

We have one bee hive on our property owned by a local beekeeper. The bees had outgrown their hive and decided to swarm. Luckily they only traveled about 30 ft. to our plum tree, where he was able to gather them back up.

What was left of his hive after the great divide.

We finally had a long enough break in the weather, that my Mom was able to get the large garden planted. These are all plants that we grew from heirloom seeds.

My Mom weeding the Provider beans.

We should have a large bounty of plums.

Gypsy tomato

Sweet Dumpling squash

Sucrine Du Berry squash popping out of the earth.

Winter Dickenson squash. The variety of squash that is grown for canned pumpkin.

The blood orange tree has grown quite the sucker. Just another thing to go on the to do list.
The Tufted Buff geese hatched out a new gosling. Here they are proudly hissing at me from the wood pen.
My foe (Star Jasmine). It grows on the fence in our front yard. Although its pretty, I am horribly allergic to it. I would really hate for something to happen to it. Resulting in an untimely death : )

Can you spot the finch. I have been trying for a year to get a picture of a Bush Tit. They are soooo tiny and fast. They flit around the yard picking bugs off of the plants and trees. You can always hear them as they tweet around the yard, but trying to get a picture is practically impossible.
The apricot tree that I posted pictures of blooming. It has very few fruit again.... We will most likely replace it.

Lula Bell. Yes I named the tractor. Isn't she cute.

The livestock guardian dogs have been growing like weeds.


A couple weeks ago I found a suprise in a box on my bedroom floor. I guess my Mom just couldn't resist.
 I named him Emmet after the character on Keeping Up Appearances, because he is terrified of us. Poor little guy. I hope I can win him over with comfrey and parsley. He detests oranges.

Last week my Mom and I, checked out a new local thrift store. Thrifting is my most favorite type of shopping. hehe
We found several records. Yay!
There is something so wonderful about the smell of records, and lets not forget that crackle.



Jeannine said...

I still have quite a record collection myself! Mainly comes from never getting rid of anything!
I'm glad your neighbor got his swarm back. My bees swarmed earlier this spring. I got the back the first time, but not the second one. My queen was infertile. I have replaced the package and queen. Everything seems OK now! Yippee!

Farm Girl Hannah said...

You have the same type of tractor that we do! Only ours is painted grey and red.

Things that we direct sowed are just starting to come up in the garden. We also start our own heirloom seeds. It's so exciting to see seeds that you've saved actually sprouting. Especially if it's your job to save the seed (That's me in my family).


An At Home Daughter said...

Previous to our owning Lula Bell, someone painted her different from the typical stock style paint job, and put the wrong sticker on her. I think she is the prettiest tractor my Dad has brought home. That is why I named her.
I love saving heirloom seeds. I'm kinda a seed addict. I want to save them all. I go crazy when the Baker Creek seed catalog comes. We have to get two, because my Mom and I fight over who is going to read it first. *smile*
I think one of these days I'm going to do a giveaway of some of my own saved heirloom seeds.