Sunday, August 12, 2012


I made a boo boo in my previous post. I forgot the green onions in the recipe. The mistake has been corrected.


Recipe? What Recipe?

I think that the best recipes you will find, are the ones that are nothing but a list of ingredients.
My mom has never been big on cooking from recipes. Most meals are from memory or concoctions of her own creation. Most times her concoctions are loved, but occasionally one is loved by the dogs.
One of my moms best dishes is her potato salad. It's the only potato salad I will eat. Why? Because no other potato salad can compare. I am sad for the people that have been raised thinking that potato salad comes from a carton. Yuck!
The best thing of all. This recipe is not a recipe, just a list of ingredients and instructions. I was taught to make it many years back and have been making it for our holiday meals ever since. It is also not for those on a diet. It is very fattening, that's what makes it taste so good.
Maggi seasoning is the special ingredient in the recipe. It can be found in most grocery stores in a tiny little bottle that you will pay through the nose for. It's best to find it at your local Asian food market. They sell it in big bottles at a reasonable price. We buy the one that doesn't contain MSG. It is sold with and without MSG.

So lets get on to the recipe that's not.
What you need:
Bacon fried till very crisp then cooled and crumbled. Reserve the bacon drippings for later.
Potatoes of course. cooked cooled then diced.
Maggi Seasoning
Vlasic Kosher Dill Pickles, diced
green olives with red pimentos, sliced
green onions, sliced, You can sub. sweet onion if you don't have any on hand
celery, diced (optional)

Instructions: Put all the diced potatoes in a bowl add the bacon, pickles, green olives, green onion, and celery.
In a jar or glass, add the amount of mayo you will need for the size of salad you are making. Add the reserved bacon dripping and mix well. That's right, I said it is fattening. Then add the milk to the right consistency. Add Maggi  to taste (you want to get it salty enough that you don't have to add salt). Mix it up and pour on salad. Stir salad, cover and refrigerate till ready to serve.

My warning to all, this salad is very addictive. You will not want to stick with that little portion on your plate. You will keep going back for more and more.