Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chickens and Ducks

My mom has been busy setting up all her chickens in breeding pens, so she can gather hatching eggs. A lot goes into her decision on which birds get to go into a breeding pen. She selects the birds with the best body type, comb, and markings for their breed and color pattern. She raises several varieties of heritage breeds, but the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes are my favorite.  Not only are they gorgeous, but they are some of her best layers, producing lovely large brown eggs.
I couldn't resist the chance to snap pictures of them while they can't run away, but they still didn't offer to strike a pose : )

Such beautiful lacing. The pictures just don't do them justice.

We had hawks and racoons steal several of our Welsh Harlequin ducks. We are down to only 1 drake and 3 ducks.  So I penned them up.
They don't like to pose either.

I gave them a large pan for water, pulled the hose over to fill their pan. Returned the hose and when I got back, this is what I saw.
They don't call them waterfowl for nothing.
Hopefully all our pan washing will be rewarded with ducklings.
I can't wait.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

That Darn Cat!

I made a lot of seed starting containers following the instruction on Wintersown . I filled them with compost from the goat pen, planted them with seeds, and left them in the garden. Some of the seeds have started to germinate, and I was very happy with how they are working out.
Here is a picture of all the containers I made.
No, we did not drink all that coffee. My dad brings the containers home from his work.

I went out to the garden, to check on how thing were growing, and this is what I saw.
I knew exactly who was to blame. It had her name written all over it.


She is a cat that can't just step on one container. She has to walk across all of them, to get the full experiance.

Do you see that smug look on her face?!
Oh well.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Video List For You

In case you haven't noticed, I created a video list page. It contains everything from tear jerkers (Faith Like Potatoes) to documentaries about a man and his water buffalo ox (Old Partner).
Just Click on the Video list tab at the top of the page. I will continue to add videos to this list, but it's a start.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

I've Been Tagged

I've Been tagged by Amy at Old Fashioned Girl
Thank you Amy

*Acknowledge the person who passed the award to you and provide their link.
*Include the award logo on your blog.
*Answer the ten questions posted below.
*Make up your own ten questions for the next people.
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Amy's Questions

1.) Rain or Snow?
Well, we only get rain here. So I will say snow, because I have always wanted to live where it snows. Plus it's dry, so you can just brush it off, and you can't do that with rain.

2.) If your friend asked you to go bungee jumping with them, would you?
NO WAY! I had this talk with my nephew recently and I told him I think it would dislocate every joint in my body.

3.) If you were a criminal, what sort of criminal would you be the most likey to be? (Thief? Con-man?)
I really hate to even pick one. But if I must, I'll say Thief, because I think it's the lesser of two evils.

4.) Airplane or train?
Definitely train. I told my niece (Miss Jolie), I will visit her in Hawaii, when I can take the train. Don't get me wrong, I love my niece, but commercial airliners fall from the sky like stones, and don't get me started on TSA. I do like little private planes. If there engine fails they can coast to the ground : )

5.) Have you ever broken a limb?
No, thank God.

6.) Where you a tomboy or more of a girly-girl?
Tomboy. My sister is 7 years older than me, and my brother is 5 years older than me. So I grew up following my brother, and his friends around.

7.) If you had to pick your weapon of choice, would it be a sword, bow and arrows, or daggers?

8.) Do you prefer long hair or short?
Well, if your talking about on me, short, because I have to fine of hair. I have tried growing it long, then I get tired of it, and cut it off.
If your talking about on a guy, short. Long hair is gross.

9.) Do you have a historical hero? If so, who? If not, why NOT!!??

10.) What's your favorite time-frame in history?
I really can't pick one. There are to many Era's I have been fascinated with. Which is kinda funny since I hated having to do History, and I don't remember doing any of it.
I suppose that's more information about me, than you ever cared to know : )
I've decided not to tag anyone.