Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happenings and Lots of Baby Animals

Well it seems I sure haven't been doing well with keeping up with my blog. I think about things all the time to post, but never get around to actually posting them.

I have finally been able to see a Endocrinologist over the past several months. My doctor was trying to get me in to see one since last Fall. I have had so many weird health issues, that she said it was basically beyond her knowledge, and required a specialist. So after waiting, and waiting I have been sent to the most wonderful doctor. A Christian doctor that really spends a LOT of time with me. In fact I couldn't believe it when my Mom and I left his office the last time, and looked at the clock. We had been their about 2 hours, and he spent that whole time with us. (Yes, I drag my Mom in with me. That way she remembers all the things I forget to say or ask, and I don't have to repeat everything to her afterwards.) He is tweaking my thyroid dosage to get it just right. Not just within the normal range, but perfectly in the center of the normal range. I am very sensitive to the most minute change in dosage. He does a few tests to see how fast my muscles relax (which are relaxing to fast), and that also tells how off my thyroid is, but they are getting a little better. I can feel this difference, like I might actually be able to gain muscle strength with some more improvement. I am soooooo happy to have been sent to this doctor. Can you tell I am happy ; )

I have been on a gluten free diet for quite a while now, but have discovered more food issues. So now I am on a gluten free, dairy free, and peanut free diet. That leaves a VERY limited diet, but I don't feel dizzy every day from my right ear being clogged. The inside of my lips aren't swollen, and my stomach isn't hurting on a daily basis. And the strangest thing of all went away. I am only going to mention this for the hopes of that someone else out there that has this problem will find the answer. Because it is very embarrassing. My sweat smelled like cat urine. If something made me nervous or scared me, it would make it worse. I was always insecure when out in public about this, that if I started sweating that someone would notice. Although I don't think anyone did, because I was very careful and used antiperspirants. Upon removing DAIRY from my diet it is GONE! I told my doctor about this, and he said he had never heard of it before, and seemed to find it very interesting. All I know is that I tried google searching it, I could find people with this problem, but no one had an answer. So I hope that people will find the answer now, because otherwise that was just a very embarrassing thing to write about for nothing!

That is enough about my health, here are some pictures of what I have been up to, and some new babies on the farm.

 I slowly but surely built this four level cage, over about a two month period, for the guinea pigs. So they will have plenty of room. It was a clothing rack for hanging clothes in, that a store was throwing out.

 Linoleum floors to keep them from spoiling the wood, and for easier cleaning.
I went cheap, and made all the latches with scrap wood, and nuts and bolts I robbed from my Dads shop.

I just finished this one today. I made it last year to hold these 2'x3' cement mixing pans that work great for GP's, but they needed to be contained, so they couldn't jump out. I added wire mesh all around and doors. It's finally complete, yay. But unoccupied for now.

Vicky stepped on a bee. I put plantain on her foot with a band aid for a while. She hopped around on three legs all day, till the swelling went down.

 Tulip had this cute little girl that looks just like her daddy Kanga. She had her in the evening, and the next day when I went out to check on everybody, Tulip had something hanging off of her. I looked closer to discover it was a little mummified baby goat! I guess something went wrong and her body mummified it to protect the remaining twin. I looked it up and its kinda rare. She was perfectly fine, and never had any problems.

Daffodil had this flashy big boy. He is polled meaning naturally hornless which he got from his Daddy Kanga. Although he was presented normally at birth, we did have to assist in pulling as he was a big guy, and Daffodils first kid. My bothers 8y.o. son was over visiting and got to watch the whole experience. Afterwards he thought he was going to throw up. Boys! It was good for him to witness birth, even if it did churn his stomach.

After his bellyache wore off, my nephew helped me take these pictures. I was trying to show the gelatin coating on the bottoms of the hooves, that starts shedding off right after birth. It protects the mothers insides.

Jetta had twin girls! Who also look like their Daddy. You guessed it, Kanga.

 One doeling has swirls.

And the other doesn't. This is supposed to tell if they are polled or not. The swirls are supposed to have horns. We will have to wait and see if this is true.

 Sir Locksley and Lady Miriam (both Texels) a couple days before she had her babies.

 Proud Mama with her two little sons.

Running back to Mama.