Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco De Mayo Llama Goat Kid

Jetta started out the kidding season with one tiny little doeling first thing this morning. She looked small, like a twin. So I waited, and waited for a second baby, but she was a single birth.
I don't get many black babies, so she was quite the suprise. She's 3/4 Angora X 1/4 LaMancha. I call the crossing a Llama goat, because they look like little llama's with the fiber and short LaMancha type ears.

I think Joy is going to kid next. She is soooo big. We have never had a goat give birth to more than two kids. So it will be exciting to see how many she has.
You can tell she has dropped by her hip bones. She doesn't even have the sunk in spot in her sides, because she's so big.

Laying down. You would think she would be miserable, but she acts very happy, and comfortable.
How many kids do you think she will have?

We burned our brush pile recently, and the goats have been enjoying rolling in, playing in, and I think even eating the ashes. As if they weren't filthy enough, the wind came up again, and blew one of our tree's into the pasture! They are in heaven covered in ashes, and tree sap.

 Do I look beautiful?

Kanga grew this tuft of hair out of HIS right side of his mouth. He wasn't wanting to participate in being photographed. It looks like he has a cigar sticking out of his mouth.  We think it's cute, and adds character. 

We got our meat back on Saturday. The hanging weight was 777 lbs. We got all the fat, and bones too. It turned out really good. I don't think we will be shopping for beef for a while.



Kelly said...

Congratulations on your new baby, she is soo cute!
Maybe Triplets for Joy?
Super jealous of your freezer! You are blessed with meat ☺

Kristin said...

Time to render some lard!!!

I love the pictures of all your critters. Llama's coat is so curly!