Friday, October 20, 2017

I'm Back!!!!

I thought I lost my blog! I am finally able to access it after jumping through lots of hoops. So here I am. Where is that?


I moved here to live with my sisters family.

Sadly we had to sell off a lot of the animals. I shipped 6 of my rabbits.

Sent my books media mail, and other favored possessions in flat rate mailers. I became a master packer. Some bulky items got squeezed into mine and my moms suitcases. Yes, that's right, I took my mommy too. But I had to return her a week later :(

I love it here. Everyone keeps telling me "Wait till winter....". I'm not scared. I'm an expert bundler *smile*. When I woke up this morning it was 14 degrees outside. I pulled on my jacket, gloves, Mucks and crunched across the snow to give warm water to the rabbits and geese. Thats right, SNOW. The night before we got our first snow for the season. Snow! I was soooo excited! Growing up in California, I always felt cheated that we didn't get snow. I'll get plenty of that now.

I got here the end of June, so have had time to adjust to the climate. They have a drizzly summer. I love drizzly weather, fog, mountains, ocean air and the smell of rivers. Thats sort of Alaska all summed up, but its so much more. Someone needs to make a perfume and call it "ALASKA".

I was actually not feeling well when I got here. I had not been well for a while before I left, because I had several teeth start to fail, but was really busy with getting everything taken care of that I put it off till it was to close to moving. Well, between that and my great fear of dentists or even the word "dentist". So flying on a plane didn't help either. Once I finally got my ducks in order to get my teeth taken care of my mom decided to come back up. She loves it here too. But it worked out great, because she was able to take care of me while I recovered. I had my 3 remaining wisdom teeth, and 2 evil molars removed. I was sedated for it. They also did a root canal while I was out. Graves Disease has NOT been nice to my teeth. My mom took such good care of me, she even made me egg drop soup when I was sick of canned soups, and protein drinks. She also helped me install a electric fence on the new fenced in area for the rabbits and geese. We don't want them getting eaten my bears!

I had to built boxes for my rabbits hutches, so they would have a warm place to get out of the weather. That was quite a project. My niece loved helping. She loves helping me with EVERYTHING. She even asks to wash out the rabbits poop pans when I'm cleaning cages. She's a sweet little thing, and I'm glad she has taken a liking to the rabbits. I also built a hut for the geese. My niece also helped me with that. Then we painted them. If the weather dries back up, we will give them a second coating. Kinda got our painting done late. And did you know that the thought of using a roller paint brush is really exciting to a 10 year old? Well the weather just has to dry back up, so she will get to try it out. She can roll her little heart out.

Living in the same state, same town, same house my entire life I sure had quite a change moving here. It took a while for things to feel like home. Especially since I didn't know where anything was. Whether it be in the house or going places. But I have adjusted. I've been allowed to decorate my space in my taste (say that 10 times fast).

I got a couple pictures, but haven't decided on where to hang them yet. I brought my spinning wheel and fiber art stuff. I now have space to keep it out in the open.

I plan to do lots of spinning this winter and teach my niece to spin, crochet and we are going to learn to weave together. Who knows, maybe my little nephew will be interested in learning also.

The end of summer we climbed down the hillside and gathered fireweed blossoms for making jelly.

The kids had a lot of fun. My niece and I made the jelly and it turned out delicious. It has a floral, spicy, fruity flavor, and is a beautiful dark pink.

The snow has melted a bit, but I heard on the radio that we should get more on Sunday. I hope we get a good bit, because I want to play in it with the kids. I told them I want to sled down the driveway, and make snow angels, and make snow men with glow sticks in their eyes hehehe. They might think I'm a little off, but hey I finally got snow. I love it!


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Post That has been So Hard To Start

I know it must look like my blog has died, but I can explain.

I've gone over this post a million times in my head, but couldn't figure out the wording to write it. Well here goes. 

I've been extremely busy getting ready for big life changes. The biggest life change I've ever experienced, because I have lived in the same house practically my entire life. I guess the biggest move I've ever had was moving across the hall to my brothers room after he moved out.

I'm having to sort through all my treasured items and decide what stays behind, what goes with me, and what to sell, give away or throw away. And the hardest of all, selling almost all of the goats, all of the sheep, and many of the rabbits. My mom is going to keep some of the goats, but she can only care for a small number of them. I am going to take 6 rabbits with me.

Even though I am really scared, this is going to be very exciting, and I truly am happy about this decision. As to where I'm going, I'm going to keep that a secret till I get there ; )

Hopefully in a few months I will be moved and settled, and will give you all a update on my new adventures in this crazy thing called life!