Sunday, October 6, 2013

Big Dogs, Big Brambles

Lizzy (my Moms Boxer) was out playing in the pasture today with Rhett and Scarlett, while my Mom worked on the electric fence next door. I had to grab the camera. They tower over her! And they are still growing.

They are the sweetest dogs. They are like the draft horses of the dog world. Gentle Giants.
Vicky snuck into our pasture, when I was in the neighboring pasture with the goats. Rhett and Scarlett love her, but the feelings aren't mutual. Their size scares her to death. Look at the size of their paws compared to her.

I need to think of a caption for this picture.

My Mom put up more strands of electric wire in our neighbors pasture, so the goats can work on the enormous wild blackberry bush over there. So yesterday I brought the goats over one by one on a leash, and let them find out what electric wire is. That way they wouldn't run right through it before they got zapped. Then off they went to the bush. It's hard to get a picture that shows just how big the berry bush is.
See the goat eating off to the right. And those are tree's growing out of the top.

I think they will be eating on this ginormous bush for a looooooong time.