Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tiny Critters

My Moms button quail hatched out these cute little chicks. They are the size of a bumble bee when they pop out of their shell. The quail weren't taking care of them when they hatched, so my Mom put all the eggs in the incubator. Every time she opened it, they were like popcorn bouncing around.
The camera must add 10 grams to a chick, as they sure look a lot bigger in the picture in my hand, than in person. The picture of the chicks next to the wide mouth jar lid full of food is a better size comparison.

My Peruvian guinea pig popped out two adorable little boys. When I went out to feed in the evening she already had them all cleaned up and dry. She's quite the happy little Mamma.

Since our garden hasn't been doing well, I haven't taken very many pictures. So I thought I'd show you all some some strange things around our place.
This bug was dragging a big fat spider down into a hole it dug in our backyard. It drug that spider a long ways to that little hole, and kept running back, and digging more dirt out of the hole. 

It didn't look like it would fit.

But it eventually made it fit. Food for its young I guess.

Now these things used to entertain my Brother and I as kids. Heck, they still entertain us. If you've never seen them before they are called Doodlebugs or Antlions. Just catch an ant, toss it in the sandy hole, and watch the little claws pop up out of the sand, grab the ant, and drag it under. Here is a link that has a video, down towards the bottom of the page, of them catching and eating ants.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A GREAT Aunt At The Ripe Old Age Of 29

Call me prejudice, but I think I have the cutest Great Niece ever. Sophia is 6 days old in this picture. She is a BIG baby at 8 lb. 12 oz.!

I just realized how few pictures I have taken this summer. Our garden is broken this year. All the starts I grew my Mom planted out in the main garden, and the quail and ground squirrels ate them off. So we replanted, but nothing has done well, and the weeds took over. I think my Mom has now given up on it. I'm thinking we need to let it rest next year with a cover crop, and then turn it into a permanent garden with weed block.
What do you do when your gardens broken? Go to a produce stand and load up the car. Well that's what we did anyways.
I have one raised bed in my little garden that I planted some Annas Noire tomatoes and Armenian cucumbers, and they are pretty much the only thing that's doing well. Even the wheat grass I planted for the guinea pigs won't grow. Maybe its the wrong time of year for wheat grass.

 This pretty butterfly has been visiting our front yard for a couple weeks. Not sure what it is, but it's not a Monarch. It continually flits around from flower to flower, and back again. Its a pretty sight to have out our window everyday.

Can you spot it in the bottom left corner.