Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Giveaway and Winter Gardening

I'm not doing a giveaway, but Stephanie is at Hopeful Homemaker. Just click here to go to her blog. She is celebrating 5000 views by giving away the books Ben Hur and Stepping Heavenward. I know, what a sweet thing for her to do!  So pop on over to her lovely blog.

    I recently found a website called WinterSown . They give instructions for planting seeds in the winter, and letting them germinate on there own time, when the temperature is warm enough for them. You just make a little mini greenhouse out of empty milk jugs, and food containers. Fill with moist dirt, plant seeds, don't forget a label, tape shut and set out in the sun, and let nature take care of the rest. So I planted several containers today. And now I wait....
Not only do they give instructions, but they also give away heirloom seeds. Yay! So, of course I had to take them up on that offer! Just go to there website, and click on the free seed button on the left hand side.  I requested tomato seeds. WinterSown says each packet of tomato seeds has at least 6 seeds, but each packet I received have approx. 15 seeds. They sent me not only my selection of 6, but also 2 off of the default list. What did I get?
  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2.  Indian Stripe
  3. Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye
  4. Vintage Wine
  5. Green Giant
  6. Sutton
  7. Bola Macizo
  8. Pork Chop
Plus they sent some Swiss Chard, and Borage seeds.

The seeds come from donations. People mail in there seeds that they saved from there garden and WinterSown doles them out. I plan to mail them seeds that I save from my garden next year.

That's all for now.


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