Wednesday, September 12, 2012

National Heirloom Exposition

We (me, my mom, and nephew) attended the National Heirloom Exposition yesterday.
It was amazing. We planned to go last year, but just didn't end up making it. There were so many things to look at, it was almost overwhelming. 7500 people attended! It was the first day of the three day event.
I have learned to control my seed addiction : ) So I restrained myself, and only bought 1 packet of seeds while I was there. My selection was the Large Barred Boar tomato from Wild Boar Farm .They were sold out of the Indigo Apple tomato seeds : (
My mom bought a very informative cookbook called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon at the Weston A. Price Foundation Booth.
I enjoyed some coconut, and Mexican chocolate ice cream while walking around and looking at all the heritage breed animals they had on display.
We definitely will be going back next year, but I think we will be leaving my nephew at home. It just wasn't his cup of tea.

My mom with the creature.

 I loved how this picture turned out. They had placed the tomatoes on top of the picture, but it looks like it is joined.


The giant squash. Some of them were hooked up to water. Had to keep there water weight up.

 These little pigs were soooooo cute!

A really cool bee hive.

The Monsanto Man (the devil) at the dunk tank. Support Prop 37 to label GMO's



Jolie said...

I always wanted to dunk someone it look's so fun

Natasha Marie said...

What a neat exposition! Loved looking at all of the colorful veggies.

And I awarded you! :)

An At Home Daughter said...

I have been meaning to say thank you for the award. I will try to get it together soon.


Gina said...

Sounds like such a fun time!