Friday, March 27, 2015

28 and counting!

We have had quite the eventful year in kidding with 28 kids born, and split even on bucklings and doelings. We only have one doe left to kid, but she's not due till July.

 This no name doe had her kids out in the back of the pasture on a beautiful day. They were already up and nursing when we discovered them.

 Jubilee checking on her kids.

 The First two kids born playing "sliding down the shed".

 Dolly, our spoiled bottle baby, lounging on the couch. She was born with severely contracted tendons (caused by lack of room in the womb) in her front legs. We have been splinting them, and it is working to stretch them out. She was also born with a waddle on her right ear, so cute.

 27 kids playing before the sun goes down. My favorite time of day to watch them.  There is a large hole in the ground from the squirrels, and they have turned it into a play spot. Kids will play with anything.

 Black twin doelings from Henna. Both turned out polled, and oh so gorgeous.

 My little buddy. Everywhere I go in the pasture he is right at my side or jumping on my leg trying to get me it pet him. He is soooo sweet, I hope we can find him a home as a breeder. I would hate to see him go for meat.
One more picture of everyone romping.



Natasha Marie L. said...

What cuties! Just before sunset is my favorite time to watch our lambs, too. They get so lively!

Congrats on so many healthy kids! :D

An At Home Daughter said...

Thanks Natasha.

Kris said...

That's a whole lotta kids there! They are all so cute. You have been a busy lady.

Jonathan H said...

I'm curious - how many goats total do you have right now? How many of them will you keep long term?

An At Home Daughter said...

It most certainly is, and most of them look very similar so its hard to figure out who belongs to which Mother.
Busy, that's for sure!

An At Home Daughter said...

Johnathan H.~
Good question. People ask me that all the time, but the numbers change throughout the year as we sell off kids, so I loose track. I actually had to write all the goats out on paper to figure that one out.
As of right now we have 20 adult goats. Of those 20, 6 will most likely be sold, 4 for sure will be sold though. I still have my buck Bogart, but he is ancient and we don't expect that he's going to be around much longer.
Out of the 28 kids we are planning on keeping 4 doelings.

Goat total as of right now 48.

So tell me how did you come to find my blog? I see your name pop up in the comments from time to time.


Birdie said...

Oh wow, these are seriously cute pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them!

An At Home Daughter said...

Thank you!
We have been very blessed this year.

Sarah said...

Aww! They're so cute! Love seeing the photos of your goats! By the way love the photos that make up your header for the blog! Did you make that green dress? And are those colorful peppers your holding? Blessings!

~Sarah C~

An At Home Daughter said...

Thanks! No I didn't make the dress. I found it at a flea market for a dollar. The peppers I'm holding are called Filius Blue, you can get the seeds here if interested