Sunday, February 22, 2015

Just Kidding

Jetta's Daughter (we never named her) decided to surprise us with a darling little girl. We knew she was pregnant, we just didn't realize that she was due yet. When I was out doing the evening feeding, I was watching them eat their grain, when I spotted something inside one of the pallets lining the fence (make do or do without). I saw black with a white stripe down the center. It's a baby skunk! I called my Dad over to come look at it.Then I noticed something just didn't look right, and thought "I wonder if one of the goats had a baby?". My Dad had called my Mom on his cell to ask if she wanted to come look at a cute baby skunk asleep in the pallet. I scanned the backsides of the does, and sure enough Jetta's Daughter had just had a baby. I squealed "It's a baby!". I was so loud that my Mom heard me, hung up the phone, and by the time I got into the pen and pulled the little one out from behind the pallet, she was standing at the fence admiring the gorgeous markings. We were all so happy to find out it was a little girl. She was quite a nice surprise.

A few days later Joyful (finally named Joys Daughter) had a big black and white boy. So Jetta's Daughter's Daughter : ) now has someone to play with. We really need to name that goat, its getting too confusing.



Jeannine said...

When our herd was reproducing, we had so many babies that we couldn't keep up with naming them! I used lots of movie names since there were lots to choose from. So we had Jane and Tarzan, Abbot and Costello, Bonnie and Clyde, Laurel and Hardy, and so on! I liked your pictures. Baby goats are the cutest!

An At Home Daughter said...

Hi Jeannine~
We have one goat named after an actor, and that's Bogart. He came with the name. Although we did name all our first dairy goats after the characters on Keeping up Appearances. We try to pick themes each year, but we also resist naming animals that we aren't keeping. Unfortunately these two does weren't supposed to stay, but we haven't found buyers for them yet.
So far this year we have had 26 babies born! We have really been blessed, and they sure are keeping me busy.