Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Beach and Seeds

My dad wanted to take a family trip, so we decided to go to the beach.
It was a beautiful cool day. The waves were quite large, so we kept our distance.

 I wish I could put this piece of God's artwork in my garden.

Two lovebirds taking a stroll on the beach.

This looked like a scene out of a Jane Austen movie. A little cottage overlooking this area would be perfect.

We also stopped by the Seed Bank.

The best treasures come in small packages.

 My treasures from the store.
They have the prettiest T-shirts, and of course I had to get the Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge tomato seeds to match.

It just so happened to be the Seed Bank's 3rd Birthday, and they were giving out these packets of Cranberry Pinto Beans. My mom plans on planting them next year.



Sarah said...

The ocean is beautiful!! It certainly looks like you had a wonderful day. : )


An At Home Daughter said...

Hi Sarah,
Yes we did have a wonderful day.
Salt water taffy, smoked salmon, and the smell of the ocean. Oh, I want to go back :)


Jolie said...

Your picture's are beautiful wish I was there

An At Home Daughter said...

Hi Miss Jolie,
I wish you were there too.