Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bits From The Garden

Amongst many other things I have been busy with lately, I have been making garden signs. My mom wanted me to make a sign for the Stinging Nettle, and that's what started it.

A few garden tips:
This one I learned from my friend Tina. Put a green garden stake in the ground, and pop a pretty vase from the dollar store over it. It will roll as you drag your hose along it, and save your plants from getting run over by the hose.

Ugly tree in the middle of the garden? Let some morning glories cover it up.

 I got tired of watering my pots of plants. They dry out too fast. So I put the plants in the ground, and this is what I did with the pots. Oh I forgot, those are rusted out chicken waterers I used for pots. No need to water these flowers.

It's nice to keep a knife in the garden for picking the greens and herbs. A little terra cotta pot full of marbles holds one quite nicely.


1 comment:

Jolie said...

I like how you put sign's up very creative in fact your whole garden is very creative keep it up!